Terry found a love for writing about the same time he enrolled in his first Performing Arts class in Junior High School. Stepping into an eclectic closet of shoes, he took on roles such as “Little Blue Riding Hood” and Ethel in a Ray Stevens based play. In addition, he also shrugged into a tutu to perform Candy-Gram like skits for paying classmates to raise funds for school performances.

In High School, he ducked behind the curtain to tackle more challenging roles and was the Stage Manager for Ridgeview High School’s very first drama production of “The Martian Chronicles” in Bakersfield, CA.

After High School Terry managed to dive deeper into writing and self-publish a handful of books titled, “Thief of Dreams”, “The Streets”, “Charades”, and “Dark Leaves” which can be found on Amazon. He was also included in a number of anthologies published by PoetryPages.com.

Terry joined the Hectic Films team just before the Premiere of “The Lackey” in 2012. Writing reviews and synopsis for current and past projects. His first on-set experience came during the filming of “Naked Zombie Girl”, where he basically just stood around asking everyone if he should get Meghan Chadeayne a blanket between takes and foolishly loaning his pocket knife to Jesse Lowe (R.I.P. Little SOG).

After that, he dove right into the deep end and taught himself script writing so that he could take some of his poetry and stories and turn them into workable (and hopefully usable) scripts. With an ultimate goal of writing and directing his own ideas, he can usually be found slapping together Facebook posts for the Hectic Films page, weaving together blog posts for the HF Blog during down time, or guarding the craft services table on set.

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