Naked Zombie Girl at The Austin Indie Flicks Showcase

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Naked Zombie Girl at The Austin Indie Flicks Showcase

Hectic Films presents Naked Zombie Girl will be played at Austin, Texas for the Austin Indie Flicks Showcase. This will be held on Saturday, which the 27th of September at the double tree university in the underdogs lounge.
During these days, indie films play a huge role in the entertainment industry. That is the reason why more and more people are embracing such films especially the individuals behind these. However, only few indie films are highly recognized due to some reasons. Because of this, Hectic Films aims to create exceptional projects, which would provide everyone the real taste of entertainment. One of the films made by Hectic Films is Naked Zombie Girl.
Hectic Films’ Naked Zombie Girl is a new indie film, which already gained popularity. In fact, it has been nominated for best horror short film, best short film, best director Rickey Bird, and best actress in a short film Meghan Chadeayne. Other than that, the film was nominated for some awards. These include best special fx, best poster, and best guest award.
Naked Zombie Girl is about the story of two prostitutes and their friend who have just escaped the zombie attack in a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman. However, their friend was bitten and about to turn into a zombie. The main star Meghan Chadeayne loses her dress and became a mad zombie-killing spree.
Anyone can consider watching Naked Zombie Girl of Hectic Films. For those who are fond of zombie films and want to watch something unique, this short film is a perfect choice. Tickets are available now. To know more information about tickets, readers may visit As of now, Hectic Films is getting ready for the screening of the film at Austin, Texas and the crews and staffs hope for the success.
Hectic Films is based in Bakersfield, California. It is an indie film company established by Jason Sanders and Rickey Bird in year 2003. It is also known for making short films, music videos, commercials, and feature films. Since 2003, the company has already gained a reputation for being a professional team in creating amazing projects.
To know more information about the Naked Zombie Girl of Hectic Films, please pay a visit at and You can also check their Facebook accounts at and

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