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Life is good for Lando, an aspiring documentary filmmaker/producer. He’s about to make it in the film and TV biz. He’s even dating the daughter of a wealthy Hollywood producer. He’s hoping for a really cool gig. Something that involves the Hollywood fast life, cool movie studios, and catered lunches. But that’s not to be. His fiancé’s dad says Lando has to go to Bakersfield to film a documentary about a group of homeless who live in a riverside camp. It’s either do the dirty job on a shoestring budget or possibly lose his girl and the connection to her dad. Sucking up his pride, Lando realizes he could be doing something good for the homeless. He takes off for Bakersfield, not thinking he couldn’t be headed to a more screwed up place. An illegal homeless camp along the Kern River awaits Lando’s arrival. The river community is a collection of oddball swindlers, sex addicts, and diseased downtrodden. They’ll just about do or eat anything. When Lando arrives he recruits a homeless volunteer to work the second camera unit. Dave volunteers. He is insane, grimy. He’s been living in a tent for months, possibly years. Showers are a thing of the past. Lando had no choice but to pick Dave when he raises his hand. And so begins the two-camera units filming the camps various oddball characters.


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