Robert Bejil is a multi-published Photographer from Bakersfield, CA. He specializes in portraiture, fashion, editorial, music, and film making. He was born and raised in the small town of San Angelo, Texas, but became a California resident in 2007. Robert has been a creative person ever since he was little. His creativity and love for tinkering was displayed in many different forms. He sketched, sculpted, drew, built remote-controlled race cars, experimented with electronics and various other projects, built and designed websites, and worked a little with programming. He often took photographs growing up, whether it was photos of family, random things, concerts, and his environment… he always had his grandpa’s film camera or a disposable camera at hand. It was not until 2006 where his love for creating finally found it’s medium in photography. It became easier for Robert to take photographs once digital cameras became cheaper and more readily available for consumers.

He started his photographic career in with shooting the basics. It was when he joined The Kern Photography Association where he was able to take his work to another level. It was the KPA where he started networking and met more experienced photographers. Some of these photographers were already working with models, and Robert fell in love with this type of photography almost instantly. Mentored by Illusive Photography, Robert was able to learn the ropes very quickly and soon began developing his own style of photography.

Before working with models, Robert had a solid foot in the ground in the local music scene, specifically extreme music. Working with bands and musicians is how Robert was able to spread his name so quickly. This eventually lead to shooting for Matt Munoz of the Bakersfield Californian, where Robert was commissioned to photograph some big name artists.

Robert has his hand in a few projects. In 2013, Robert and actor/model Joshua Keith Mathews launched The Feature Image. The website is geared toward featuring people that are doing great things and has been a central hub for helping other creative people. Robert has been lucky to work with so many great people. Recently he joined forces with film company Hectic Films. Since this merger, Robert has been able to explore his interest in the movie industry and that is where his interest continues to grow.

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