Rickey Bird is an eleven year veteran of independent film. In 2003 he co-founded Hectic Films Productions along side his childhood friend Jason Sanders. Rickey has worked on over 30 productions including feature films, short films, music videos, commercials and web series. Some of the features include Phase Two, The Lackey, Border Brothers, Home Free the Movie and The Deadlines. Rickey is a diverse asset to any film production. He writes, produces, directs, acts, edits and is not afraid to wear multiple hats on set. Rickey is also involved with high school film projects and has help put together local film festivals in his community. He has also founded The Indie Film Group, a group dedicated to promoting film makers and their projects. Rickey is known for his gorilla style film making and his creativity. Rickey has a love for film making and it shows in all his work both on and off screen.

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  • About Us

    Hectic Films is an indie film company formed by Rickey Bird and Jason Sanders in 2003. The name was the best way they could explain how things got crazy on set. Since 2003 Hectic Films has gained a very professional team to create amazing projects.