Nick Reisinger grew up in Michigan, starting out in the haunted house industry. Realizing makeup effects looked better than most masks; he started researching schools and supplies. Nick would attend Complections College of Makeup Art & Design, a renowned TV and film makeup school based in Toronto. There, he earned degrees in both Makeup FX for TV and Film, and in Animatronics. Following school, Nick relocated to Southern California in 2004, where he worked on numerous independent film projects as a freelance Makeup Artist, and in local haunted houses.

A mutual friend introduced Nick and the hectic films crew in 2006. Nick saw allot of potential in them, and was allowed to have lots of creative control on the makeup.  Nick provided Makeup work to a great number of Projects produced by Hectic Films, and quickly became a core member of the group. Working on such projects as “wretched flesh”, “Home Free”, “phase 2”, “The Lackey”, and “Border Brothers”.

Also a freelance Makeup Artist, contributing his artistic skills to a variety of student films from USC, AFI, and New York Film School, as well as to a number of television commercials. While working on the set of a horror film, Nick first met Barney Burman, and the two became fast friends. Barney offered him a position as an Intern, a post Nick first held at Burman’s shop, before eventually becoming promoted to Shop Foreman for a diverse array of TV, feature film and commercial projects. Among these were “Touchback,” “Grey Skies,” “Medium,” “Teen Wolf,” “Body of Proof,” a high-profile commercial for AT&T, “Dark Hearts” and “Grimm”.

In 2013, Nick was approached by Rickey Bird of Hectic Films to do a short film called “Naked Zombie Girl”, Knowing this endeavor would be big, he helped Rickey produce the project as well as take on the special effects department  tasks.

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