Myron Ward Director, Writer, Producer
A storyteller that believes in the power of passion and humor, and writing stories since he was 8 years old, Myron Ward began his journey of
storytelling first through music. While serving in the U.S. Marine Corp, he formed an independent record label and produced the CD “Hard Work Pays Off”.
He then used his skills at networking and marketing to create Vindictive Entertainment. Vindictive began as a production house that created massive music events most notably “Spring Break Pandemonium” that gave birth to the follow up documentary “Spring Break Pandemonium”. With this experience, Ward’s true passion for storytelling evolved. Ward dove into the filmmaking process with a passion and completed five feature film screenplays. “Good Lost”, was his first short film screenplay that he produced, directed and edited, again displaying his multi-talented auto-didactic nature. During post-production of the short he wrote a collection of short stories that he later self-published called “The Baptism”. Myron worked in ABC/DISNEY’S broadcast and publicity department and later moved to working with award- winning management/production company Tom Sawyer Entertainment, currently Haven Entertainment, reporting directly to Rachel Miller and Jesse Hara. In that time he completed his first feature comedy “Who Hit Me?!” about a guy who wakes up with a black eye and has no idea who hit him. He also shot the festival winning film “DELANO” about a detective that has to escort his estranged brother to jail while they both deal with their mother’s suicide. He also has taken his plays to the stage. “An Unfinished Man”, directed by Myron premiered at the NoHo Arts Center in Los Angeles.

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