Jason is an entrepreneur with skill in multi-media and technology. From web and graphic design to search engine optimization tactics, he is constantly in the know with recent developments in these fields. He and Rickey Bird have been dreaming of being in the movie business since they were little kids.  Which is why they started Hectic Films in 2003.

Jason Sanders is also the co-owner of Cinertain. Hectic Films and Cinertain have given Jason an opportunity to perfect his skills in directing, editing, visual effects and writing. He started in high school as a young filmmaker and realized shortly after that his career would involve film. From film, he has now advanced his career to bringing back a drive-in theater to his hometown of Bakersfield, CA. He and his wife, Seggan, are currently working with the film studios to bring new movies to a different setting.

He spent the next 10 years learning what it would take to make his dream a reality. From short films to feature films, paper animation to 3D animation, Jason has always strived to move to that next level.

Examples of Mr. Sanders’ work and dedication can be seen as a co-writer, editor and director of “Phase Two,” his first feature film. Jason was also the director and a camera operator for “The Lackey.” Other works include editing, titles and compositing on “Dead Things” and compositing and visual effects in “Stamped!,” an Inspiration Studios film. He was the co-writer, co-director and co-editor for “The Deadlines,” which is currently in post-production.

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  • About Us

    Hectic Films is an indie film company formed by Rickey Bird and Jason Sanders in 2003. The name was the best way they could explain how things got crazy on set. Since 2003 Hectic Films has gained a very professional team to create amazing projects.