D.T Carney was born in Boston MA in 1965. A New Englander through and through D.T. is known for his sharp wit and huge presence in life and on the screen. D.T. is the father of 4 and lives in the Fresno area with his wife Georgia of 30 years. With many experiences in life, growing up in Boston, being an Champion Boxer, Hockey Player &Accomplished Musician. D.T.’s vast list of talents lend themselves well to his many Acting ventures. D.T.’s love for film started at at an early age after watching such great films as Jaws and Halloween . He always dreamed of being involved in movies and in 1996 when a career change came calling from the West Coast, D.T. moved his family to California and decided to pursue his dream of Acting and Directing. Since the early 2000s D.T. has been involved with close to 60 films in all aspects (Directing,Make- up,Stunts, Writing and , Acting) , his close relationships with Hectic films (Bakersfield) and the connections he has made along the way have lead D.T. to be on the rise in the Film Industry. With a larger than life persona and great attitude D.T. is known in the business as a true Character actor, one who can take a character and make it their own. D.T. is a versatile actor having roles ranging from Detective to Contract Killer and just about verything in between D.T.s Roles include:NAKED ZOMBIE GIRL, The Devil Inside,The Lackey,Organize Chaos,Phase two,Chelsea Lately Show,Gene Simmons Family Jewels,VH1’S Charm School and Numerious Police Dramas & others

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    Hectic Films is an indie film company formed by Rickey Bird and Jason Sanders in 2003. The name was the best way they could explain how things got crazy on set. Since 2003 Hectic Films has gained a very professional team to create amazing projects.