• "In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director."

    -Alfred Hitchcock

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    Feature Films

    Here are some of our awesome feature films.
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    Here are some of our commercials
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    Short Films

    Here are the short films made by Hectic Films
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    Music Videos

    Here are some of our music videos

    Hectic Films


    The Lackey

    In this shoot-em-up kick ass action flick, bottom feeding thug “JUDE ST. CLERE” discovers he has a young, practically homeless, malnourished daughter by his junkie ex-girlfriend, he vows to take care of her and leave his shadowed past behind him. But in order to acquire enough money to provide for his estranged daughter, he reluctantly […]

    Home Free

    Life is good for Lando, an aspiring documentary filmmaker/producer. He’s about to make it in the film and TV biz. He’s even dating the daughter of a wealthy Hollywood producer. He’s hoping for a really cool gig. Something that involves the Hollywood fast life, cool movie studios, and catered lunches. But that’s not to be. […]

    Phase Two

    A thriller movie

    The Deadlines

    The Deadlines a horror movie!

    IMPACT (Short Film)

      IMPACT is a short film about a young girl that gets killed by a drunk driver.  The film is based on a poem written by Rickey Bird Sr.  The cool thing about this film was it was all shot in one location and in one day.  The film stars Rickey Bird Jr as the […]

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